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The place to go is RAMJAW.org

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Old November 20th 07, 09:40 AM posted to rec.autos.makers.jeep+willys,alt.binaries.pictures.autos,alt.binaries.automobile.pictures
L.W. \(Bill\) Hughes III[_8591_]
external usenet poster
Posts: 1
Default The place to go is RAMJAW.org

There you go again, the little Psychopath, jealous, REALLY JEALOUS,
over the fact that I once own a '37 Lasalle, ranting over my documents,
possessions, successes, manliness, Super Southern California surfer body,
Christian family, and name. What a jealous little draft dodging senile
coward from AT&T WorldNet Services ATT, Mediacom
Communications Corp MEDIACOMCC-12-205-156-0-GULF-BREEZE-Florida, that of
course, I killed, now it's 12-202-247-159.client.mchsi.com New Albany,
Indiana asylum. now's it's back in 12-202-247-159.client.mchsi.com Navarre,
Florida: http://billhughes.com/temp/24wimp.jpg IP: It doesn't
have a DD214, it had to have served our country for that. Who's only way to
get attention is to make a fool of its self, with its goat obsession/fetish,
where it writes via remailers, to no one's surprise. Like when the other
kids laughed at its attempt to use foul language in elementary school play
grounds, but its just gibberish. Too senile to remember what he last wrote,
like the rest of Florida. You remind me of a little rat dog, like a Mexican
Chiwawa with its senseless barking it's rabid head off, me too, me too. And
is too afraid to use your name, address, or even sign your statement as any
man would, totally worthless!
Posted pornography at:
As a member of the moral majority I know what porn is when I see it!
But now worth the time to forward this low life to: ,
, , , ,
for forgery.
I thought your attacks were just personal disagreements, but with
passing of my country's Independents Day, I realize these attacks are
stemming from my love of God and America, and that's what you've been doing
all along is declaring your hatred for the United States of America, with
each declaration of my signature, but just too cowardly to be a terrorist.
It's America, love it, or leave it, so get the f*ck out!
Considering the source, which you're a habitual lair, so these plus your
other accusations would be thrown out of court.
When are you going to take responsibility for yourself, and become a
People that follow astrology, know the traits you have listed are a
hundred eighty out from any Capricorn.
Forwarded to: alt.binaries.pictures.autos, alt.binaries.automobile.pictures
groups so they may to see what an a**hole you really are!!!!!
Is this what your Psychologist wrote about you? They don't fit any
Capricorn, sounds like a spoil Leo.
You're a LIAR and never been in the Service much less Vietnam, as you
If you think I'm a Psycho, then report me to my friends at the San Diego
Sheriffs Department.
I'm just really curious as to who you think will believe you over any
man responsible enough to list his name and address here and in every place
I know of????? All you can do is lie, as most everything you have said
contradicts it's self.
You know what they say, once a faggot coward, always a faggot coward.
I won't give up until traitors like you are gone from these groups I
participate and see you've pretty well killed this group I will devote my
life to reminding your groups who you are!!!!!!!
I would appreciate the name and address of these trolls, Square Wheel:
24bit: AT&T WorldNet Services ATT Mediacom Communications Corp. I
will keep your name in confidence, kindly email

Llewellyn W. (Bill) Hughes III
You're not fooling anyone, faggot! You need to get back in the hospital
before you hurt yourself or someone else.
Oh, and thanks for keeping my fight against troll/faggots like you at
the top of your groups! :-)
The only reason you write me is to try to put down my friends and my
Lord Jesus Christ. Well try as you may you're not strong enough for that,
BTW I put up a couple more of my friends cars for you to be jealous of.
I happen to know you've been locked in a rubber room, laced in a
straight jacket. Time for lights out at your insane asylum again.
Fortunately it is against the law for you to own a firearm.
There you go with that psychopathic goat obsession/fetish, that only
faggots like would think of.
That's what I've said, it's common knowledge you're a schizophrenic
Hehehe I've got your user name blocked over at: Motzarella, COX, and
soon the world of servers.
What are you babbling about?????
And you think the news members won't recognize your girlie writing, and
see your user names, as fake as you.
I used to pity retarded people like you, now you just make me
You pathetic little schizophrenic psychopath, you make me laugh the way
a girlie, faggot writes, it gives me a feeling of extreme superiority!
More jealous foul mouth girlie maricón acosador gibberish/babbling.
My service is well documented at:
http://www.billhughes.com/ARMY.htm It
is you that has the dishonorable discharge, you're a coward. Thanks 24wimp
for the reply, so as I may forward it to your faggot groups.
I repeat: You have never been in the service, much less Vietnam!!!!!!!
What a lying coward!!!!!!!
24wimp, do you really think the news members won't catch on and
recognize your babbling on mchsi, Road Runner, news.alt.net, Newsguy
remailers, as you, the coward fag using fake names, as queer as you?
We notice you can't write something better. I pity you! You gotta be a
really self loathing runt!
God Bless America, Bill O|||||||O

"Bertie the Bunyip" > wrote in message
.. .
> Just what the poor guy needs, a reference from you you retard..
> Bertie


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