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The reason why your lite is staying on the t/s is because the flasher knob
it causing it, there was a TSB for replecing the T?S switch for that
problem....when the temp gauge shoots up is the car OVERHEATING??? does the
radiator fan turn on??
"JBSham" > wrote in message
> I have had my 95 Dodge Neon for over 5 years now with no problems, other
> than those I knew about when I bought it.
> When I bought it the engine light was on and it had been checked and
> they could not find anything wrong with it. It started coming on when
> they previous owner replaced the engine. Sometimes the light goes off all
> on its own and then a few days later it will come back on.
> The lights behind the A/C controls are usually off but on a good day
> those lights will decide to come on.
> The lights on the gear shift were up until recently usually on. Now
> they are usually off whenever I turn on the lights.
> Since I purchased the car occasionaly the left turn signal light in my
> car would come on as a constant light, but if I jiggled the turn signal up
> a bit it would turn off. After I rotated my tires using my left turn
> signal caused my caution lights to come on. My dashboard said that it was
> a regular left signal only except when I would brake as far as my

> lights were concerend my left turnsignal was a constant light, not a
> flashing signal, and no matter how much I messed with the signal it
> wouldn't fix itself. After a day this problem suddenly fixed itself.
> This leads me to my current problem. After about 45minutes of driving
> both highway and in town my engine heat needle went all the way up to the
> H (past the mark) and the dashboard started beeping. As soon as I turned
> off my headlights the alarm stopped. I turned the car off and when i
> turned it back on after 10minutes or so the needle was at the 2/3rds
> however when I turned on the lights it immediately shot up past the H
> again. Now the lights don't seem to make a difference and its not doing
> that again. There is no leaking so no hose has broken, the hood doesn't
> feel hot and its definately not smokeing. Coolant is filled, and just had
> an oil chnage. I can get the needle to go back down if I turn on my heat,
> but I am not sure if I were to leave it running for longer if the needle
> would just go to the top again. While sitting still and without any
> inside fans on the car going after around 20minutes the needle went past
> the H again, sat there for a little while and suddenly started dropping.
> I have no idea what is going on. I understand a bit about cars but this
> is way past me. I recently moved as well so I don't know what shop to
> take it to in the area.
> Any suggestions? Sorry such a long post but I am secretly hoping its an
> electrical problem and the engine isn't overheating. Or its just
> something super cheap.
> Thank you!
> ~Andrea