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Default Recommend a Sim For a Returning Sim Racer?

I'm just getting back into sim racing after a very, very long layoff. Back in the day, I was active in MARA (which hopefully some of you remember) racing mainly with GPL. I even served as official scorekeeper for a season or two. In my brief research, I see that the racing sim landscape has changed drastically from those days, so I'm seeking advice on what racing sim(s) to get back into.

I have a PC (on order) and a PS3, but prefer to use the PC for anything online. Just got a Logi G29 wheel, but still also have my tried and true Logi Momo. While I enjoyed online racing back in the day, my initial focus now would be to hot-lap and race the AI before dipping my toes back into the online racing world.

In my limited research, I've come across iRacing, rFactor (1 and 2), and Assetto Corza. I've got no experience with any of them, so I'd appreciate any thoughts on which of these might best fit my stated interests.

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?