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Default Finetuning the FFB

Mario Petrinovic:
Ok, it looks like I've found the secret.
First you put everytnig on the default (of course you uncheck "Allow
game to adjust settings", and you put wheel radius at 900), this means
everything on 100% in Logitech drivers. Good thing is, this works even with
un-natural FOV, and with un-natural screen height. It looks like unlinear
FFB affects those things, but liner FFB is alright with everything.
Then you finetune the FFB (for slack). This you do with in-game
sliders. Rookie Chevrolet Impala is good for this. On my system I don't have
to move those sliders much from max position. My FFB is finetuned with
settings 39.2/95.
Then you correct for Centering Spring. On my system this should be
somewhere around 20%, but I didn't finish this yet, so I don't know exactly.
I'll do this tomorow.
I noticed that even finetuned FFB, like, has too much damping and
spring in it, so this you probably correct with Logitech driver's sliders.

Ok, where am I now.
I didn't have to test all 150 positions of Centering Spring, since
it looked pretty clear that 6% is the right setting. But now it turned out
that in-game Damper of 95% is too high (95% I determinet when Centering
Spring was at 100%). I am wondering how much I'll have to go down with it.
Now I am somewhere around 80%.
With this setting things look pretty good. With a difficult Cadillac
car I am pretty fast. Things look good.
Interestingly, even with Centering Spring at 6%, in-game Strength
proved to be 39.2. That's good.