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FYI - just got home from picking my '99 Dodge Intrepid up from the dealer
and guess what they said???? Needs a new engine: oxygen sensors soaked in
oil, damaged catalytic converter, piston seals, need I go on? I absolutely
love my car but now am faced with the dilemma of scrapping it or trying to
find an engine to go in it. Since I purchased the car the transmission
has been rebuilt, several sensors replaced, many smaller defects (power
window), and now this. And for all the negative folks listening, yeah,
the up-keep was flawless, papers to prove it. It is truly a shame that a
car with that much potential had to have such a horrible engine! Maybe
I'll keep it, or maybe I'll start car shopping. Any suggestions on a car
that won't break down before it's paid for? ~A~