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Default Identification of General Motors V8 small block engines.

When I was working in the Middle East I bought 2 Corvettes and as I had contacts with a car breakers Yard and they could not pay me for work I did, several times they took old Chevrolet small block engines out of abandoned or rear damaged cars for me and as I had free shipping too. I sent several of these back to UK. I had to sell the 1970 350 Corvette to pay my bills as well as a lot of other stuff that I hoped would make my retirement a bit more bearable. I now have 5 or 6 small block engines some literally as taken out of cars to others dismantled complete in packing cases. I would like to turn these into money but I do not know how to identify them. Is the full identity of an engine available from the serial number and if so where is it? I also have two Cadillac engines one is from a 1979 Diesel. Yes that is correct a 5.7 litre diesel V8 together with the automatic transmission. I do not think it was very successful, with no turbo or super-charger!

A friend of mine had a Cadillac that had petrol injection and that caught fire and so he bought a diesel car to prevent that happening again, but he gave the car to me and I used the back axle to make a heavy duty trailer, in which I sent a big stationary engine back to UK, and which I am still using. The other is,- I think from a big Oldsmobile which had a big block engine which looked exactly like the 8.2 litre I had in my Cadillac 1972(?) Limo, so I saved this too, but again I need to find the exact parameters of this engine to find the right customer. I did think of making a sort of Hot Rod for it but it used to get about 10 MPG so it probably would be a bit expensive to run in UK! I live in Norfolk and some of the roads are a bit narrow too.

Does anyone know the answer to the above question about identifying these engines.

Thanks and regards George.