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Default '96 Caravan blower issue

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> >I have a '96 Caravan, when we turn on the heater (this just started, not
> > sure if it's doing this with AC yet), it will only blow if it's turned
> > full
> > blast on the blower. All or nothing. I was told that this may have
> > something
> > to do with the cold (it's been fairly bitter cold here the last couple
> > weeks, temps in the teens), but I'm not completely satisfied with this
> > explanation. Any ideas?

> It could be the damper door is not opening. When the blower is off the
> damper will close. If you hear the blower and not getting any air it could
> be the damper door electric motor.

The doors have nothing to do with blower motor speed. If you don't have the
first 3 speeds and have high, replace the resistor as stated above

Glenn Beasley
Chrysler Tech