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Default Thought about returning in a c5

On Oct 23, 5:30 am, SS wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Oct 2007 16:11:19 -0700, rebco10 > wrote:
> >On Oct 22, 11:21 am, ACAR > wrote:
> >> On Oct 21, 10:26 pm, rebco10 > wrote:

> >> > Today I took a test drive in a 00 vert with 6 spd 29K miles. Real
> >> > fast car. I have to say, it felt kind of sloppy.

> >> Tires on the 00?
> >> 7 year-old originals?

> >Good question. Needed tires in back.

> You compare this car to others knowing it's rear drive and needs rear
> tires? Even if it wasn't a Vette, it would not be a fair
> comparision. What an idiot.

Thats cute.... calling me an idiot!
The tires on the M3 were equal wear to the ride on the Vette. The 65%
worn tires are not going to have that much affect on the feel of the
car, the suspension travel and the rigity of the package. It will
have a part.

Dont call me an idiot, you dont know me and I strongly doubt I would
meet you in any of my social circles.