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Default Thought about returning in a c5

'Please no flames. I am a Corvette fan. The M3 stats up very close to
vette. Look.'

REPLY: I regret that you took it as a flame ; not my intention. I can
see you like Corvettes. The Corvette is americas icon sports car while
the M3 is obviously a 4 seater family car , albiet, a well made car im
sure . The stats may be simular but thats not what defines a sports
car . Like the other Poster eluded to : change out the 7 year old
Corvette tires for some Michelin PS2's and the car takes on a totally
new personality . On my 2006, i swapped out the RunFlats for a set of
same size PS2's which improved handling, markedly, and made the ride