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Default E39 Vibration on Braking - help please !

"holdgaj" > wrote in message
>I have vibration of the sterring wheel on braking on an E39. There's
> no vibrattion through the brake pedal. Just had a diagnosis from a
> garage - "brake discs (rotors) need replacing". On reading the Brake
> FAQ I see that worn suspension bushes can cause vibration of the
> stereing wheel. The vibration is worse at higher speeds. I would have
> thought that warped rotors would be felt through the pedal as well as
> the steerrng wheel. I'm on a tight budget, and don't want to replace
> the brake discs unecessarily. Can someone confirm that warped rotors
> would be felt through the brake pedal ? Or not ? I'd also be
> interested in the difficulty (i.e. cost) of replacing the suspension
> bushes *& which ones need to be replaced.
> Its a E39 528i 50K miles.
> Any help appreciated

If your car has only 50k miles, you should be consulting the Owner's Manual
for the recommended service. My recollection is the 50k service is mostly
fluid level checks.

Depending on your driving habits, the front brakes are toast, and are
screaming for replacement.

I seriously doubt the suspension bushings are playing into your shaking.