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Default E39 Vibration on Braking - help please !

On 28 Aug, 20:12, (Scott Dorsey) wrote:
> holdgaj > wrote:
> >I have vibration of the sterring wheel on braking on an E39. There's
> >no vibrattion through the brake pedal. Just had a diagnosis from a
> >garage - "brake discs (rotors) need replacing". On reading the Brake
> >FAQ I see that worn suspension bushes can cause vibration of the
> >stereing wheel. The vibration is worse at higher speeds. I would have
> >thought that warped rotors would be felt through the pedal as well as
> >the steerrng wheel. I'm on a tight budget, and don't want to replace
> >the brake discs unecessarily. Can someone confirm that warped rotors
> >would be felt through the brake pedal ? Or not ? I'd also be
> >interested in the difficulty (i.e. cost) *of replacing the suspension
> >bushes *& which ones need to be replaced.

> >Its a E39 528i 50K miles.

> Your rotors are bad, yes. *Change them; it's an easy job and not too
> expensive to do.
> When did you last do a brake job? *At 50k, you should be coming up ready
> for a whole pile of preventative maintenance.
> --scott
> --
> "C'est un Nagra. *C'est suisse, et tres, tres precis."

Could you give me an idea of exactly what preventitive maintainance I
should be doing - as mentioned above, I might as well have the garage
do it at thye same time they do the rotors ...