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Alot of that is due to using the wrong viscostiy oil, and not changing it
at the proper time, i havent seen alot of problems here at the shop except
for a few....and they were destroyed because the owners neglected them.
Glenn Beasley
Chrysler Tech
"toyota1" > wrote in message
> larry, the problem with the 2.7 is that the oil pickup and passages in the
> cylinder heads are too small and it causes a large amount of sludge to
> form, thus reducing the oil flow to the top end, and damaging timing chain
> and valve train. as these are an interference engine, if the timing chain
> breaks, pistons hit valves, and so on.. ive seen 2.7s with 40k miles on up
> to 120k miles fail. it all depends on the maintenance of the vehicle.

> you feel that way about toyotas, but my truck with 200k miles and original
> engine, etc, is much more impressive than my dodge intrepid 2.7 that
> failed with 45k miles on it, and my dodge truck (used to have) that the
> transmission failed at 70k, and both had had oil changes done every 4k
> miles since new, trans fluid flush every 25k. it now has a 3.2 with almost
> 20k miles and is running perfectly.