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Mario Petrinovic
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Default "steeringFFBSmooth"

Mario Petrinovic:
Ok, 122 for Centering Spring was wrong. I determined it when I had
Overall at 100%, so 122% of Centering Spring was probably the compensation
for wrong Overall. Centering Spring should be at its default value of 100%.
So, this is what I have: 139/100/100/100.
Everything on the default, except for Overall, which definitely
should be set properly.
Now I only have to set "cockpitLookDeadZone", which for my system is
around 0.0446 (iRacing's default is 0.05).
So, what is needed for "the right" FFB?
1) Calibrate wheel properly. This means, work out wheel and pedals
before calibrating, calibrate wheel so that the middle is 8191, and the left
is 900 deg (if 900 deg is set in Logitech drivers)
2) Correct perspective (FOV and screen hight)
3) In app.ini set linearity to 1, FFBSmooth to 0.5, and set the
correct latency ("cockpitLookDeadZone")
4) In Logitech drivers uncheck "Allow game to adjust settings", and
set the right Overall
5) In-game put strength to max (40.0), and Damper to middle (50)

Well, this thing with "cockpitLookDeadZone" is wrong. It just adds
dead zone to whole thing, nothing else. It is true, it is possible to match
latency with that dead zone, bud this only helps with cars with soft
suspension. In essence, it just adds dead zone, and this is always wrong.
This "cockpitLookDeadZone" should be "0".
But now other things don't work. It looks like I will have to
readjust Overall.
See you when I finish testing that, : ).