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Default '02 300M "HomeLink" feature seems to be fading.

On 12/29/2017 09:18 AM, MoPar Man wrote:
> Percival P. Cassidy wrote:
>>> =================
>>> The EVIC may be going bad. You can pick them up for like $20-30
>>> shipped from the Facebook group 300M Intrepid Concorde LHS LH Parts
>>> For Sale - Wanted - Trade (at
>>> ) so if it's bad
>>> it's cheap and if not you can re-sell it for only the cost of
>>> shipping and the 5 mins it takes to swap it.
>>> ==================

>> I ran the car back about 20ft. from the garage door and was able to
>> close the door using the HomeLink button but then could not open it
>> again even when the car was almost touching the garage door. I did
>> power down the opener and powered it up again, but that didn't make
>> any difference.
>> I don't see any EVIC modules listed on that FB group. Is it just a
>> matter of asking?

> I don't ever go to Fecebook (I have all fecebook hosts/domains blocked
> in my HOSTS file) so I can't say what they're all about.
> But if you go to ebay and search for EVIC 300m you'll see a few dozen
> for sale.* Apparently they were the same units for some Jeeps too?
> Prices are from $30 to $100.* I'd pick one up from ebay if I were you -
> the cheapest that looks like the right one.
> Also ->* Note this.
> Some have suggested that the type of lights you have installed in the
> garage door motor unit will affect reception - although I would think it
> would affect the unit's remote button as well as the Homelink radio.
> Try removing the lights and see if you get your range back.* The idea is
> *that incandecsent bulbs cause little or no interference, but CFL's and
> LED's can (or do).

I've got regular incandescent bulbs in the garage door opener.

But now it seems as though the problem might be temperature related: a
couple of days ago we had much higher temperatures, and the HomeLink
thing seemed to work much better.