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Default '02 300M "HomeLink" feature seems to be fading.

Percival P. Cassidy wrote:

> Our 300M's "HomeLink" (garage-door control) feeatures worked fine for a
> long time but now seems to be losing its "oomph": even with the front of
> the car almost touching the garage door we can't open the door with the
> button in the car, but it still works with the remote that came with the
> opener at a considerable distance. When the car is *in* the garage, the
> buttons work OK.
> Any history of the HomeLink modules' output power declining?

The homelink buttons in my '00 300m still working on the same overhead
garage door opener, no change in working distance.

I posted your issue over at allpar, a few responses but nothing
specific. I assume you haven't changed the door opener unit.

No TSB's noted for it.

Do you have sunroof? Any possibility of leaks?

You should be able to drop the overhead console down and have a look at
the homelink unit. Might be able to identify the antenna, see if
there's a bad connection, bad solder joint, etc. Maybe even lengthen
the antenna?