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Default Smoke after spark plug change

Why were the plugs changed? (Symptoms, or just mileage?)

The plug well was full of oil when the old plug was pulled? (I would think
that even a short period of operation would burn the oil off.)
Somehow oil got/is getting into the intake, perhaps via the cam cover vent
hoses? (If the PCV valve is sticking, oil might make it into the intake.)

The plug or plug wire is loose? (The Engine should run rough)
A plug wire is bad? (Might be due to pulling on the wire to change the
plugs) (The Engine should run rough at times)

"BRUCE HASKIN" > wrote in message
> Now wait just a little. How in the world would oil from a leak in the
> valve cover around the spark plug make it's way around the spark plug
> seal, down the threads and into the cyl. chamber ??? Now if you said it
> shorted out the plug, I would go along. Unless the plug is loose, there
> just "ain't" no way to do that.
> I guess he better go tighten up all the plugs ?????
> Bruce Bing '03 LS