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Default Why it is so hard to grind ffxiv gil

On Wednesday, September 22, 2010 5:52:20 PM UTC+8, ob71tsmk wrote:
> 'ffxiv gil' (, the currency of ffxiv, is
> becoming the top 10 hottest keyword in google search in recent time. If
> it is not hard to guess that ffxiv players have strong interest to ffxiv
> gil, whether it is because they need to 'buy ffxiv gil'
> ( or because they want to find a guide
> to help them make more ffxiv gil. It doesn't matter whether it is the
> first reason or second, it at least tells us that ffxiv gil is not easy
> to earn in ffxiv.
> Yes, if you have played in other MMORPG games, you will know that game
> currency, often called as gil is playing such an indispensable role for
> players. Let's take ffxiv for an example, if you have enough ffxiv gil,
> you can easily buy what you want, you can dress up with fancy armors,
> arm with advanced weapons, and train yourself with most sophiticated
> skills and spells and become the most admirable ffxiv player. You can
> power level easily by having enough ffxiv gil. You can even make ffxiv
> gil much easier if you have enough ffxiv gil, for example, you can
> invest your money on buying a effective ffxiv gil making guide, you can
> invest your ffxiv gil in Trade Broker or private store.
> But ffxiv gil is also hard to grind. One traditional way to earn ffxiv
> gil is to sell free items, but most dropped items you picked up will
> sell at very low prices in Trade broker because if it easy for you to
> get, it is easier for others. Quest can be another source for ffxiv gil
> income, but it will only provide basic income for upgrading weapons,
> armors and travel, you still can not count on it as your regular ffxiv
> gil income. But once you hit level 17 or higher,'buy ffxiv gil'
> (, there are more chances to make big
> amount of ffxiv gil easier. But Level 17 is not easy to hit, it requires
> huge amount of ffxiv gil as backup and support. If you are able to reach
> level 17, then ffxiv gil is not hard for you to get.
> No matter which method or methods you are adopting to make ffxiv gil, it
> requires time and effort to make it. If you don't want to spend time and
> effort, you should look for other ways to get you ffxiv gil. Till now,
> the easiest and effortless way to get big amount of ffxiv gil is to buy
> from a reliable, non-cheating ffxiv gil store. It will make sure you get
> 'cheap ffxiv gil' ( safely for the money
> you paid, and your account information is getting banned or stolen.
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