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Default Yes a Corvette is a status symbol

The Corvette is a status symbol to those with high school diplomas, blue collar and lottery winners, who will park it in front of the bowling they bought with their winnings.

On Tuesday, October 26, 1999 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Clay Lovett wrote:
> You gotta face facts here. No matter what is said, whether you want it to
> be or not, a Corvette is a status symbol PERIOD
> Lets examine the facts
> People will look at your car if it's clean with wishful eyes. This is the
> majority of people not the minority.
> People are always shocked that you can afford insurance for it. In fact
> it's cheaper than a Z28
> A lot of people wish they were single for whatever reason. And single
> Americans picture themselves in a classic car cruising down the road. There
> is only one classic American sports car, the Corvette. Yes a viper has more
> raw power but it isn't "classic". So single people almost always notice
> Corvettes.
> Corvettes look better. There are a lot of Corvettes on the road. Corvette
> owners seem to take really good care of their cars so Corvettes of all years
> seem to always be in remarkable shape.
> People seem to think I have money because I drive a nice Vette. Gee it
> couldn't be because it's a status symbol could it? The example would be a
> new Vette and one 10 years old. Drive either one and people think you have
> made it in life. Get a new rice burner and maybe they will think you are
> doing ok also. But buy a 10 year old rice burner and see what they think.
> You might not have bought it as a Status Symbol but it is, most of us just
> don't view it that way. Putting up the soap box.