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Default windscreen affecting airbags? eh?

> On Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 8:01:07 PM UTC+8, Steve W. wrote:
>> The glass is an integral part of the safety systems, on many vehicles
>> the glass is used as a barrier for the airbag. It acts as a backing
>> plate so the bag doesn't just act like a balloon when it deploys and
>> just bounce around. If the glass isn't bonded properly it will break
>> free and the bag becomes useless.

> A few weeks ago, I saw a car (25-30 years old) get rear-ended. Apart from'
> the arse end crumpling, the windscreen popped off. So I guess that the
> glue had deteriorated badly....

Probably not the glue but what it was attached to. Most glass is bonded
into the painted window channel, and rust/corrosion or failure under the
paint and the paint just peels up. In my area it is the rust that causes
most issues, even "sealed" connectors corrode internally from it.

Steve W.