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Default This place was better in the 90's :)

On Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 5:04:00 AM UTC-8, iRacecraft wrote:
> Wasn't everything a bit better in the 90's?
> It seems everything lost its soul in the pursuit of the money.
> I'm still enjoying ICR2, GPL, NASCAR Racing (the original and 3, with the CTS addon), NASCAR Legends and GP4.
> I try to get enthusiastic for the modern titles, but they all seem so half-assed: "Here's a few cars and tracks that make up a tenth of the real life series they're supposed to represent."
> Oh and codemaster's F1. Yes, that's very... 'glossy'.
> /old fart rant

You should try Assetto Corsa Competizione in VR. WOW. What I dreamed of in 1990.