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bigdan4712 wrote:

> I just purchased a 98 Dodge Intrepid, and my engine blew up in it. It only
> had 83k on it, and i pulled out of work only to hear major rattling and
> smoking of the engine when i got home. And the sad thing was, I changed
> the oil once, and i put over 3 quarts of oil back into it before the
> engine blew up. Luckily, I had a warranty on it, but now my dealer
> swindled me out of $500 and lied to me about the warranty company. Im in
> litigations with him now. What a piece of dog turd. I never even got to
> drive for about 2000 miles. Crap. Ill never buy a dodge again.

The 2.7L engine is known to have a tendency to sludge up. Oil flow to
bearings and timing chain gets blocked and the expected problems happen.
This isn't the only engine that does it; the Toyota V6 in Camrys and
the Sienna minivan is also known to be a sludger. It's still a small
minority of the engines that suffer this fate, but more than one would
expect these days, when engines routinely go 200K-300K or more between

The problems are made worse by Severe Service operation, which in
reality covers just about EVERYBODY (take a look at the maintenance
schedule, which defines severe service; if your driving includes ANY ONE
of the conditions noted, that's severe service). Delaying oil changes
is a no-no with this engine, and full synthetic oil is said to eliminate
the problem since it hardly builds up any sludge. Engine people say
that if you have a 2.7L engine, change the oil immediately, use full
synthetic oil, and go by the Severe Service schedule.

It's altogether possible that the prior owner was one of those slobs who
never changes the oil in their cars.