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Default Loose rearview mirror on C6

On Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 1:51:49 PM UTC-5, Ron Stewart wrote:
> I just had the windshield replaced on my 2005 C6 and now the mirror is loose
> and and wobbles up and down going over even small bumps. The guy that did
> the work did a beautiful job on the windshield but I'm not sure about his
> knowledge on this problem. There is lots of discussion on the Corvette forum
> about this same problem. Can any one here add some helpful tips? Dad?
> Thanks,
> Ron Stewart Santa Rosa, Ca

My mirror was sagging, one of the fingers that goes around the pivot ball was broken and the snap ring would not stay on. I screwed a black screw next to the snap ring so the head of the screw held it in place, I put another one across from it to maintain the ring placement, put it back on, it was better but it eventually sag again. Some guys used silastic or foam rubber and still had problems. Then a light flashed, I placed a small balloon over the ball,this gave it some thickness and drag, works fine, can move it easily but it will stay where I put it.