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Default Loose rearview mirror on C6

Dad wrote:
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>> I knew most of these about the C6...especially the one about sticking the
>> fob in the glove box receptacle - when I got my Z06 I started reading the
>> owners manual .pdf before I even sent the check and received the car.
>> That knowledge served me well when my fob died on me during a trip to
>> Vegas...the car is a 2008 and even though it only had 4100 miles on it
>> when I bought it the fob battery was three years old at least. So it died
>> on me at a gas station...and I had to use a few of these tricks to get
>> myself to a drug store and buy another fob battery. Now I carry a spare
>> one in the rear box.
>> I've since schooled at least one other C6 owner on this one...and the key
>> slot over the license plate. Now if I could learn to shift a six speed
>> smoother...
>> --
>> - Rufus

> .
> There is one little quirk about the C6 that still catches me and if I
> remember right it got me once in the C5. The interior light knob on the
> lower left dash can be bumped by your knee and turn the interior lights on.
> For some reason they will not time out when turned on there and it has
> killed the battery twice. I've not tried to duplicate it yet to ****ed to
> have to go through the restarting/charging process when I wanted to be
> driving it.

The way I sit in the car I can't hit that knob with my knee, but I could
definitely see how I could do that with the back of my hand coming off
the turn signal lever or climbing out pushing off of the steering wheel
behind me.

And that also was the initial indication of my fob battery dying - I got
out of the car and the interior lights didn't fade as I walked away from
it...I forget how I got them to turn off, I think I started and shut
down the car sitting in it a couple times - there was just enough juice
left in the fob battery for the fob to be recognized if I was actually
*in* the car. But later when I stopped for gas it was totally dead and
I had to plug it in.

....was funny...some girls walked by and shouted "nice car!"...and I
thought to myself - "wish I could start it"...then I remembered how.
I'd only had it a few months at that time.

- Rufus