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Default Honda Civic 1999, P0135, Oxygen Sensor Change, D16Y7 --- TheStory ....

On Jan 12, 1:17*pm, "Elle" > wrote:
> Bosch *O2 sensors are bad Jujubes, grasshopper.
> OEM Denso is available for around $70 total for your Civic
> at
> "hobbes" > wrote
> > The oxygen sensor I got hold of was a Bosch- Hide quoted text -

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Hi Elle,

Thanks for the tip. I have been driving around for a while now with
the Bosch one. It seems O.K. ... then again I am not that much of a
car expert. I think my one is the Planar Oxygen sensor type.

Just as a matter of interest, what are the main advantages of the
Denso o2 sensors when compared with Bosch? Are there big differences.
Maybe when the Bosch breaks I will get a Denso next time around. Is
the Denso also a Planar type?

Best, Mike.