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Default c6 interior question

On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 10:10:53 PM UTC-4, ralphee wrote:
> Hello. I went to look at a friends corvette, he is selling.. i have had a 76, 93, 96, 00, 01.. at various times.
> The one i saw today is a dark red 06 convertible. he is not sure of the package. ie. 1lt, 2lt. my question is about the seat.
> I had black trim and i think a dark brown kind of fabric insert. I never remember seeing seats that were not leather.
> Can someone help me and let me know if this is the standard seat, an option or custom.
> regarding the options.. it was evening. but it had heated seats and heads up display. I can not really remark about anything else. .i went to test drive it.
> Btw. when i sold my last corvette, an 01 red, i purchased a used Cadillac xlr. it was a big small for me, but most of all very boring. I sold it and took a bath. I was told that car was build on the c6 chassis.. I can see that. They were very similar. Naturally in the vette, you sit lower, i have the stick shift and I think about 80 more horsepower, so naturally it brings back the fun.
> I think my favorite car was the 96 lt4 glass top as far as fun to drive, and the c5 was the most comfortable. The c6 seems somewhere in between. A bit tighter then the c6 and more comfortable then the c4. I actually prefer the c5 to the c6, but mostly due to seat size. .. seats are much better in the c6, just smaller cockpit.
> Please if you can help me figure out the seat options and possibly the car options, would be appreciated.
> The car has 13,000 miles and I can get it for $24,000, which i think is great.

I'm 6'4 and have had a 67 and 74 ... both of which had terrible seats that were unbearable after about four hrs on the road. The 92 was a major improvement .. seats good ... comfortable. My C5 convertible has better seats and more room ... I drove from VA to FL in a single day. Like sitting in a recliner at home. I have never liked the shortened back, fixed headlights, or trunk space in the C6. I went off to my Chevy dealer to buy the C7. Small trunk (convert) and knees hit the dash ... I have 4" between my knees and the dash on the C5. I would forget $24,000 (sounds high) and get a 2005 C5

Bob Drake C5 Virginia