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Mario Petrinovic
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Default "cockpitLookDeadZone" affects Centering Spring

Tony R:
Mario Petrinovic:
> Tony R:
> Mario Petrinovic:
>> Hm, interestingly, after whole day of testing I managed to disprove
>> all of the above, and I am back where I was before.

> I just can't believe it to be true!
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Well Tony, I was in the same testing session that you were (you were
> already gone by then), and I was faster than you, using only stock
> baseline Skippy setup.
> I am telling you, put this rocking chair into garbage, whenever I
> see that somebody isn't fast, I know he is using that rocking chair. It
> DOESN'T simulate middle ear racing sensations. FFB wheel DOES simulate
> wheel
> forces, but, if that rocking chair simulates anything else but rolling in
> a
> boat, then something is wrong with your middle ear, Tony.

lol, that was my first ever five laps at Mid-Ohio Short. I guess your
first session was in the rocking chair too, judging by the stats?

A lot of times I am just trying out some impossible FFB settings,
just to prove them being wrong. When I start, I usually start from too low,
or too high.