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Mario Petrinovic
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Default "cockpitLookDeadZone" affects Centering Spring

Tony R:
Mario Petrinovic:
> Hm, interestingly, after whole day of testing I managed to disprove
> all of the above, and I am back where I was before.

I just can't believe it to be true!

Well Tony, I was in the same testing session that you were (you were
already gone by then), and I was faster than you, using only stock baseline
Skippy setup.
I am telling you, put this rocking chair into garbage, whenever I
see that somebody isn't fast, I know he is using that rocking chair. It
DOESN'T simulate middle ear racing sensations. FFB wheel DOES simulate wheel
forces, but, if that rocking chair simulates anything else but rolling in a
boat, then something is wrong with your middle ear, Tony.