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Default FFB meter

Well, I am having 123/100/100/50 (I am still searching for "the
right" Overall, this isn't the final one, probably "the right" one will be a
little bit stronger), "Allow..." unchecked, in-game 20.0/50, linear,
cockpitLookDeadZone 0.000000, profiler sensitivity 50%.
I am testing with Skippy on Spa.
Now, believe me, I do feel STRONG forces with these settings, but my
FFB meter is 98% of the time in green. Now, doesn't this tell you that I am
doing something RIGHT.
This is in tune with what I thought, and what I wrote about in
iRacing's forum, long time ago. Damper and Spring CALM DOWN FFB forces.
Instead of not using Damper and Spring, and keep FFB forces ERATIC,
WITHOUT A CONTROL, and therefore being forced to use VERY LOW strength, you
SHOULD use the FFB like it is INTENDED to be used, with Damper and Spring,
and only then you will get expected (by designers) results, and expected and
designed behaviour of your FFB wheel.