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Default Automatic vs. Manual transmission

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>> It's been well known a manual transmission obtains better fuel mileage
>> than an automatic. My sister is preparing to purchase a Ford Fiesta and
>> wants a manual, mainly for the fuel savings. The sales guy indicated the
>> new transmissions (more so the 6 speed auto in the Fiesta) are better and
>> more fuel efficient than manuals. Anyone know if this is true?

>In many cases, the automatic is at least as economical as, or sometimes
>better than, the manual. The difference is not worth the worry. And
>dats the truff, babe ruff.

The new Ford 6 speed auto has no torque converter. It uses a computer
applied clutch to start and shifts between two clutch driven gear
trains that change the ratios- one for odd, one for even gears.
I wonder how the clutch life will be.