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Classicred03 October 25th 04 10:14 PM

Ok. I'm new to Miatas (well, got it in January)
I'm new to the group.


Does anyone else downshift in tunnels and drive in parking garages in first
gear near the redline every now and then just to hear the exhaust note? or
is it just me?

I always thought I was quite sensible until now.

Oh, and why do people in NA's wave back but others in NB wear a frown with a
I'm cool, Jimmy dean type look that does not befit them and not wave back?
Was ther a modification to all NB's escept mine that places an erectile
object on the driver seat that penetrates the anal pore, giving one the
something up the rectum look? or again, is it just me. I don't think I smell
bad? anyway, if anyone is in the Philadelphia area and sees a classic red
with a happy mid twenties asian guy, please wave to me. I'm developing
quite the complex.

Oh, and just came back from a great drive through the merrit parkway in a
great mountain drive in CT if anyone is interested in the details. That was
a GREAT drive.

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